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At Connell projects we offer a number of Services to our clients.

Project management

Project management is the main focus of Connell projects. We can help on any domestic or commercial projects form conception to completion. we can manage the design and drawings, specifications, costing, contracts, programme of works and management of contractors.
Design packages and surveys

When starting a construction project it can be important to gather detailed information for the project. By using a team of skilled professionals Connell projects can offer the facilities to put together a design package for any project. 

Planning permission Building Control.

if your thinking about carrying out any work that requires planning permission we can help you through the process by helping with all paper work and any drawing which are required. we will also make sure that all current building regulation and all BS EN standards are met.


Rendered walk through and images

we can offer rendered images and videos of any project to allow a life like look before any  construction has been carried out. this allows costumers chance to see the finish product and can help tenders win contracts

All drawings are completed to a high standard and come supplied in PDF format to any scale requested. Prints can also be offered at an extra cost.

Schedule of Conditions and dilapidation's

If your moving into a new domestic or commercial property, Connell projects can help customers produce a detailed schedule of conditions, which help clients when the time comes to move out the property. 
When that time comes Connell Projects can help with any dilapidation works to get the property ready to hand back to the landlord.

Health and safety files

As part of the CDM regulations 2015 all projects must produce a health and safety file for the project. Connell Projects can help produce a detailed file, which contains all information for the project and the life of the building.



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